A studio visit with Elizabeth Weinberg

photographs by Nathanael Turner

Where is your studio exactly and how long have you been working there?
My studio is in my house in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. I have been working here since I moved from Brooklyn at the end of November 2012.

What are the pros and cons of your studio?
Pros: amazing light, lots of room, a private space. Can’t really think of any cons, maybe this carpeting that I’ll eventually get rid of…

How many hours do you usually spend there per week?
Depends on if I’m shooting or not: generally I am here when I wake up and it’s the last place I go before bed. Sometimes I work late into the night and other times I get it all done during the day. That’s the benefit to Los Angeles to me—I can go on a hike when it’s light out and then come home to finish up working. I love the flexibility.

Do you have your own daily routine within the studio? For exemple, do you usually start by answering your emails then get to work etc?
Usually I wake up, make some food, go get an iced coffee, and head to the computer. I usually check my emails on my phone right when I wake up, because a lot of things happen on east coast time. So then it’s to the computer to go through emails, and editing/color correcting shoots, or digging through files for various projects. I don’t really shoot much in here, but this is where  I do all of my desk/computer which ends up taking the vast majority of my time, as any working photographer knows! I have so much more space now than I did in New York so I shoot a lot in my backyard or around the neighborhood.

Are there things you deliberately forbid yourself to do/have within the studio in order to be more productive?
Not really - I think it’s such a treat to be able to make my own schedule that I have been pretty good about getting to work when needed.

Do you sometimes wish you shared your studio with one or a few other artists?
When I was living in Brooklyn and had an office in my apartment, I really wished I could have had a shared space with others. I even looked into it for a while. There’s something about New York that made me really feel like I needed to be around other people all the time. Now that I live in LA, you spend way more of your time at home, so I don’t mind being solo at my studio. You also have to make way more of an effort to go out, so there is less distraction and I find myself being far more productive here in LA than in NYC.

What is your favorite track to edit photos to?

for more of Elizabeth’s work, please visit www.elizabethweinberg.com

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